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United Nations Statement on Flooding in Mozambique

The United Nations in Mozambique is responding to the needs of those affected by the flooding in recent days of the Limpopo basin in the province of Gaza, and is in full engagement with the Government of Mozambique, NGOs and other partners in responding to the arising humanitarian needs. A total of 26 persons have died in Gaza alone, with the nationwide death toll at 36.

The hardest-hit districts are Chokwe and Guija, with latest available data from government sources placing the number of affected at 48,796 persons sheltering at six different accommodation centers, with vulnerable members of the population such as children, women, the sick and elderly at particular risk. A further 5,000 have evacuated to Chibuto. The total number of affected in Gaza Province is 65,000, but this number may potentially reach 100,000 according to government field sources, as water levels continue to rise in the nearby coastal city of Xai-Xai.

“Together with government, we are rushing in clean water, food, shelter, and humanitarian supplies to Gaza Province, and are ready to send more as needs become clearer,” says Jennifer Topping, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Mozambique.

The UN has deployed staff on the ground in the most affected areas, where food distribution has already begun, as well as the setting up of water supply structures. Other supplies include high-nutrition biscuits for 25,000 persons, 5,000 bed nets, 16 water bladders, and 3000 bars of soap.

Additional resources will however be needed to adequately address the needs of those affected.

“In consultation with the Government of Mozambique, we will be appealing to our donors to make additional funds available immediately to help deal with this emergency,” added Ms. Topping.

UN Agencies and partners are presently collecting and analysing information to quickly finalize a funding request to the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for the most urgent life-saving interventions. Initial consultations suggest a minimum of $15 million will be needed for the whole humanitarian operation. This figure, however, can be expected to increase as the situation continues to evolve.

Please see below the updated table on human impact (12-24 January 2013)

Table 1: Cumulative Impact from 12 to 24 January 2013

Provinces Deaths Affected people Temporarily displaced people  
Gaza 26 65,012 62,219  
Inhambane - 775 154  
Manica 1 11,600 -  
Maputo City 5 5,222 5,222  
Sofala 0 135 -  
Zambezia 4 1,914 400  
Total 36 84,658 67,995