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UN WOMEN - International Consultant

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POST TITLE: International Consultant

CLOSING DATE: 19 December, 2012

DUTY STATION: Maputo, Mozambique

PURPOSE:To work with the Gender Joint Team in the Implementation of the Gender Marker for the UNDAF, UNDAP 2012-2015, Joint Annual Workplans and Initiatives. This exercise is under the Gender Joint Team Annual Work Plan funded by UNWOMEN


DURATION: 15 days


The UN in Mozambique is committed to contribute to the elimination of gender equality in Mozambique. Guided by the UN programmatic principles, gender has been adopted as a cross cutting issue in UNDAF 2012-2014 and related issues articulated at outcome, output and activity level, as appropriate. The cross cutting principle for gender can be materialized through a two-pronged approach mainstreaming gender issues in all areas normally visible to dedicated interventions that empower women and promote gender equality.

In 2011, the UNCT established the UN Gender Team (GJT) as part of the UNDAF 2012-2015 implementation structure. Under the leadership of UNWOMEN and co-chaired by UNFPA, the main objectives of the GJT are to ensure a shared understanding of gender mainstreaming among UN Agencies; adoption of a coherent UN approach in addressing the national priorities through the UNDAF action Plan; and foster an internal culture of accountability for and visibility of joint results on gender equality.

As per its terms of reference, the GJT is responsible among others for proposing common and coherent approaches for the UN agencies to mainstream gender within the UNDAF; tracking progress and results through specific tools to be adopted by the UNCT and conduct analysis to assess the gender sensitiveness and responsiveness of UN Joint planning, budgeting, and M&E (DRG AWP, Progress and Evaluation Reports). This should enable the GJT to provide recommendations to the UNCT on needed actions in order to continuous streamline UN interventions to ensure gender equitable results.

Under the 2012 annual workplan, the GJT planned to conduct a gender marker in order to enable UNCT to effectively track and monitor financing and results for gender sensitive outcomes. The gender marker should contribute to a more accurate management, monitoring and report on gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment and bolstering visibility of and accountability for results. The gender marker has been tested and considered useful by organizations and agencies such as the IASC[1], UNDP, UNICEF and UNFPA at different levels to track and monitor the gender responsiveness of projects and programmes including funding to promote and ensure consistency between programming, planning and implementation and the achievement of gender sensitive outcomes.

In Mozambique, the gender marker is intended to:

1) provide UNCT with reliable data on the consistency between the UNDAF, UNDAP, Joint Annual Workplans and initiatives (fact sheets and approved projects) in terms of interventions and funding for gender equality either through mainstreaming or dedicated interventions (assessing gaps between programming and implementation);

2) provide UN agencies with a common, practical and easy way to rate joint and individual initiatives (annual work plans and reports) on gender equality pinpointing specific efforts that might be necessary towards improved gender programming, planning and implementation.

3) Build/strengthen the capacity of the gender joint team enabling it to provide technical support to the DRGs and UN agencies on gender issues through a common approach.

The results of the gender marker will serve as a baseline against which to continuously improve and measure UN’s progress in achieving gender sensitive outcomes. It will also serve as an information and evidence tool with donors and partners to demonstrate the commitment of the UN in Mozambique on gender equality in all areas of work.


Under the leadership of UNWOMEN and in close collaboration with the members of the gender joint team, the consultant will:

  • Review the gender markers in use by the different agencies and propose a harmonized tool for use by the UN in Mozambique;
  • Train the Gender Joint Team on Gender and Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting including full familiarization with the Gender Marker;
  • Gather information and data from all DRGs and rank the joint AWPs and initiatives scaling the level of gender sensitiveness and responsiveness using the agreed upon criteria;
  • To analyze the data and information and produce a key synthesis and graphs of areas of greatest work and lagging behind;
  • Determine the amount of allocations to gender sensitive activities across UNDAF outcomes and outputs distinguishing the source of funding core or non-core);
  • Identify variation on different types of gender-related programming by region and country;
  • To present the deliverables and reports to the Gender Joint Team for discussion and amendments.
  • To present the gender marker report to the DRGs and UNCT.


The duration of the consultancy is estimated at 15 full-time working days during the first quarter of 2013 in Maputo distributed as follows:

Activities No. of Days
  1. Review gender markers implemented by different UN Agencies and propose a harmonized rating and step-by-step methodological approach (guidelines) for the UN in Mozambique
  1. Present the proposed Gender marker methodology to the Gender Joint Team, DRGs and UNCT
  1. Train the gender joint team members on gender, gender responsive planning and budgeting and gender marker
  1. Compile documents and work with the members of the gender and representatives of the DRGs in implementing the gender maker
  1. Produce the gender marker report
  1. Share the draft report with the Gender Joint Team and incorporate the comments and submission of the final report
  1. Share the report with the DRGs and UNCT


The consultant will work under the overall supervision of the UNWOMEN Representative and directly with the assigned staff.


  • Gender Marker Guidelines for the UN in Mozambique
  • A Gender Marker Report rating the gender sensitive and responsiveness of UNDAF, UNDAP, Joint Annual Workplans and initiatives in accordance with the agreed upon rating systems with text and graphs analysis;
  • A report of the Gender Joint Team training including the materials used for the training;
  • A powerpoint presentation summarising the process, results and lessons learned from the implementation of the gender marker and recommended way forward;
  • Presentation of the report to the Gender Joint Team, DRGs and UNCT.


The duration of the consultancy is estimated at 15 full-time working days within the period of November - December.


  • Master’s degree in social sciences, economic or related field.
  • At least 7 years of professional experience in the area of gender and international development;
  • Strong knowledge of UN programming and policy development;
  • Knowledge of gender issues and analytical work in international development;
  • Experience in results based management and training;
  • Familiarity and previous experience in implementing gender markers;
  • Strong knowledge on gender responsive planning and budgeting;
  • Experience in research and compilation of information to show results desired;
  • Excellent communication, writing skills, and analytical skills;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English

Application’s Procedures

Interested candidates should to submit applications constituted by a cover letter explaining the motivation for apply for the assignment, the proposed daily fee and an updated CV to The deadline for submission of applications is 08 December 2012. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.